Business Games Ideas

Looking for some business game ideas? Consider creating your own business game. Here are some ideas: Cereal Race, Candy Toss, Fishbowl, SimCity, etc. What would make your game more exciting? Let’s explore them further! How will your game benefit your business? Hopefully, these ideas will help you come up with a great game for your business! And don’t forget about the fun of the game itself!

Cereal Race

If you want to add a bit of silliness to your business meetings, consider using the Cereal Race as a business game idea. You can have participants move a small round cereal by using chopsticks. The idea is to see who can move the cereal the fastest, but remember that each participant will only be allowed one hand per race. Here are some ideas for games that will keep your employees entertained:


A great way to manage a large group discussion is to use a fishbowl. This is an activity that isolates a small group of people, from three to six, from the rest of the group. The smaller group will allow you to focus on the core group and will also be easier to facilitate. To use this game, you must get your event organizer’s approval and communicate with your participants. This game is great for small business meetings and conferences, and it’s easy to use and create.

Many business owners will find this game very beneficial, especially for startups and aspiring entrepreneurs. Unlike traditional games, fishbowls can generate great ideas and get people talking. One example of a virtual fishbowl is the #goodaftercovid19 initiative. Using a pandemic as a stimulus, this initiative rallies young people to create a common platform that can address a societal problem.


In an effort to inspire future teachers, SimCity has long been a popular classroom resource. The game is so popular that its creator, Will Wright, never anticipated its wide appeal. Indeed, he had trouble convincing major studios to tackle the project. Instead, he took a punt and partnered with the educational nonprofit GlassLab. The game’s creator intended players to feel empathy for the citizens. For this reason, the creators of SimCity have created a community for educators to share ideas and collaborate on teaching projects.

Players begin with 50,000 Simoleons and can build zones and other structures. They can also build schools, fire stations, and police stations. In addition, players can manage the flow of resources through their city. They can adjust taxes and choose bonds to finance the project and make deals with neighboring cities. The possibilities are endless when it comes to building a city with SimCity. These ideas can be implemented using simple means.