How to Travel Against the Light by J. Wes Watson

“How to Travel Against the Light” by Nikki Giovanni is the third in the Lily Chang series. The main character, Lily, sets out on a mission with her friend and fellow traveler, Zsanett Bearden. Lily discovers a deadly secret involving an ancient, hidden treasure called the Light. When she and Zsanett are captured, Lily must use every ounce of courage and skill she has to save them both. This adventure continues as Lily begins to learn about the history of the Light, and how it relates to her life and the world she lives in.

I enjoyed this book. It starts off interesting enough that the reader wants to know what happens next. However, midway through the book, the flow of events becomes less interesting and sometimes hard to follow due to the constant switching between Lily and Zsanett. In addition, the descriptions of the local culture were sometimes a little too detailed for my taste.

The characters in this book are definitely memorable. They are all well done. They each have their own quirks and charm. However, the two main characters were a little flat. It took the enjoyment away from reading about them, due to the consistent difference in their personalities.

This book wasn’t really depressing. It was more of a happy and humorous surprise. I also found that some of the parts were predictable, but that was okay. I really liked the main character, Lily Chang. She was a great protagonist, who had her own quirky moments and attitude that kept readers interested.

Unfortunately, the actual story of the book didn’t interest me very much. It just seemed like an uninteresting part of the book to me. It wasn’t exciting enough to make me want to read more about it. However, I do know that some people might find the light and darkness of the story interesting, and if so that’s certainly fine.

Overall, I enjoyed “How to Travel Against the Light.” I found it to be a good, fun, fast read with excellent illustrations. If you are looking for a humorous book about traveling through time, then this is a must read.

I would recommend “How to Travel Against the Light” to those fans of science fiction, mystery, and anything that has a dark side. I don’t necessarily recommend this book to people who are into fantasy books though. If you normally enjoy fantasy novels that have a light side to them, then I would recommend this one. If you normally prefer the dark to light side of fiction then you should avoid this one. I can see why it is a quick read though because it’s pure entertainment.

Bottom line, this was a fun book. It kept me entertained and gave me a nice laugh. There were a lot of twists throughout and that’s always a good thing. If you ever come across a similar plot, then you should definitely read this one. It’s a quick read with excellent entertainment value.

Deirdre’s mother is named Rosemary. Her father, an architect, died when she was very young. As a result, Rosemary has taken over her grandmother’s home and lives there. She goes on an adventure in order to pay back her debt to her deceased father and hopefully clear her name.

How to Travel Against the Light really showcases time travel. The main character, Rosemary, utilizes her time travel ability to travel back in time and try to clear her father’s name. She also travels forward in time to try to clear her family’s name as well. Although this book was written with a science fiction theme, it doesn’t have a lot of fantasy in it. It’s more of a real life book about the ways that people deal with time and space travel.

Another great thing about this book is that it’s not a very big book. It’s around 200 pages, so it’s not going to take you all day to read. In fact, if you’re looking for a quick, short pick-up read, this one will work perfectly. It’s also perfect for someone who’s just looking to relax and get away from the world for a little bit.

Overall, I love this book. It’s fun and easy to read. Anyone that tries to think about time travel and figure out how to do it will enjoy How to Travel Against the Light. It’s definitely a time travel story that I would recommend to any fan of this genre.

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