How to Travel Along the Mississippi River

Have you ever wanted to know how to travel along the Mississippi river? This is one of the most beautiful rivers in the United States. You can enjoy magnificent scenery and some of the best fishing in the nation. There are numerous outfitters along the length of the river in eastern Louisiana. The best part about traveling this route is that it is very accessible.

Your first decision should be whether you would like to travel as far up the river as possible or if a shorter trip is desired. Once you determine this, the next step is to decide the type of vehicle that you will use for your travel. This will depend on whether or not you are traveling as a family or alone. There are different types of trailers to choose from such as folding camping trailers or full service camp trailers.

Next, consider your planned route. This will dictate which point locations you should take your RV through. For example, you would not want to go through Port Charlotte, MS at the confluence with the Scioto River. Instead, you should start your journey up the river at New Orleans. If this is your first river trip, you may want to take a one way trip. This means that you will drive your RV to your starting location and then take a short trip back to the starting point.

How much gear will you need for this type of trip? A basic camping trailer will be necessary. Other things you may need to bring include a cooler, a sleeping bag or air mattress, a first aid kit, a portable toilet, a fishing rod and other miscellaneous items. Carry everything you can think of in order to ensure that you have everything you need including food and drinks for the duration of the trip. Carry plenty of water and don’t forget to have toilet paper!

On your journey, you will encounter various bridges across the river. Some are automatic and others are hand held. Choose whichever is safe and convenient for you. Take note of any low bridges you come upon as they might be dangerous for your RV. When crossing a bridge, never drive over them!

Along the way, there will be several points where you will have to stop and take photos, load up your things, or simply sit and relax. Depending on the weather conditions, you may have to drive in bad weather or take some time out to stretch your legs and relieve the RV’s engine. Always stay dry! Whenever you encounter water, drive your RV off the roadway and fill up a bucket with water to throw out on both sides of the road. Make sure that you clear away anything that could collect water such as rocks, sticks and other debris.

When learning how to travel along the Mississippi, another important thing to know and understand is that you do not have to carry all of your personal items with you. Leave out things like your camera, medications, hypodermic needles and syringes, tarpon or king mackerels, fireworks or any other fireworks debris. Leave these items in a bucket filled with water so that they will remain dry at all times.

Along the way, you will probably encounter many mosquitoes and snakes. If you want to avoid dealing with these bothersome pests, spray your RV with insect repellent before you take it out. This should prevent you from becoming bothered by them while you are traveling. These are just some tips to know about when learning how to travel along the Mississippi.

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