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Rear-end collisions with other cars are among the most frequent forms of motor vehicle collisions in Michigan. Reaching out to a Michigan auto accident attorney for assistance if you were struck by a driver who was tailgating could be advantageous.

These incidents can cause mild to severe injuries to all parties involved, whether one car abruptly stops while another is following too closely behind them, or if a driver is speeding and cannot stop before hitting a stopped vehicle.

If hired, a knowledgeable lawyer from Buckfire Law will put forth great effort to compile proof and show the scope of your losses in order to demand fair recompense.

In Michigan, Can You Sue If Someone Rear-Ends You?
Statistics of Rear-End Collisions
Rear-end collision

Payments from Michigan insurance following a rear-end collision
Regardless of who was at blame for the collision, an injured driver and injured passengers are eligible for certain benefits in Michigan.

These claims are made using the no-fault insurance coverage, which pays for medical bills, lost wages, any attendant care that is necessary, as well as any related expenses.

Even if they did not own a car or have an active auto insurance policy at the time of the accident, injury victims are frequently eligible to these payments.

While minor fender benders may occur from some rear-end incidents, others can cause significant injuries like whiplash and trauma to the neck and spinal cord.

In these collisions, the subsequent driver is frequently found to be at fault. In Michigan, you can file a lawsuit against the person who hit you from behind.

However, in order to effectively pursue compensation, an injured driver must be able to establish liability in court. To put it simply, it must be demonstrated that a trailing driver violated their duty of care—to drive safely and in accordance with the law—and that this violation resulted in a rear-end collision in Michigan that hurt the innocent driver.

One method to demonstrate this

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