Small Business Search Trends On The Rise In 2022

A recent report by SEMRush reveals that small business search trends are on the rise. The report details which business categories and queries are gaining the most organic search traffic. The report also highlights which months are the most popular for queries related to opening a small business. To make the analysis more interesting, we’ll also discuss affiliate dashboards. Ultimately, the report will show which search trends are most likely to impact your business.
Voice search on local devices

If you are a small business owner, you need to take advantage of voice search on local devices. According to a recent survey, 53% of people use voice search on their smartphones to find local businesses and reserve a table at restaurants. Voice search on local devices is also a great way to drive foot traffic to your website and increase sales. There are already 325 million users of voice search. There are many ways to take advantage of this trend, whether you are a new business or have been in business for decades.

Among consumers, those in their age group are most likely to use voice search for local businesses. The research also revealed that 36% of consumers have called a local business using a smart speaker because the information displayed online was incorrect. Having accurate information on your website is essential for your business’s online presence. Though the behavior is still in its early stages, it will likely change as the technology becomes more widespread. For now, you can use these results to optimize your website for voice search.
Local and hyperlocal search

In a world that has become increasingly mobile, customers increasingly want results at arm’s length. More than half of Google users now specify their location as a criterion when searching. This trend is only expected to continue, as more businesses experiment with geofencing, or targeting users in specific geographic areas. For small business owners, local and hyperlocal searches will help them attract more customers and increase foot traffic.

While local and hyperlocal marketing strategies are gaining traction, there are some things to keep in mind. As technology and the world of advertising change, marketers must continually monitor trends and ensure that their partners are updating their strategies. Moreover, outdated techniques and technology can negatively affect your results. That’s why it is crucial to constantly review your analytics and determine the right direction moving forward. Listed below are some key tips to help you optimize your local and hyperlocal marketing strategies.
Visual search

There are a number of free resources that can help small business owners keep up with trends in the field of visual content, including websites. By using free strategies and tools, they can boost their search engine rankings. To stay ahead of the visual search curve, small business owners can use free tools such as Canva. This tool allows them to create website graphics and images, as well as social media and advertisement images.

The report focuses on small business search trends and finds that nearly one-fifth of the total number of searches on this topic is related to financing. In addition, search volume for “open business” has increased by 76% in the past two years. Another interesting trend is that nearly one-fifth of entrepreneurs want to start an Etsy or boutique. In the second place, vending machines have seen significant growth. Each of the top three categories for small businesses is represented in a different state, with boutiques, Etsy, and cleaning services dominating the list in most states. Coffee shops and delivery services are also present in half of the states.
Affiliate dashboards

According to a recent Affstat report, affiliate dashboards will continue to increase in popularity among small businesses in the coming years. Affiliate marketers tend to be younger, with 55% of the industry being aged 35 to 44. The next largest age group is 25 to 34, with less than 1% being under the age of 18. In addition, nearly half of affiliate marketers are working from home, with only 26% commuting to an office.

There are several affiliate management tools that allow small businesses to manage their affiliates, including Content Lockers and link cloaking systems. These tools can monetize content, requiring the recipient to complete an action before releasing the lock. MyLead, for example, offers four types of Content Lockers. It is easy to use and can track your affiliates. To make sure you are generating revenue from your affiliate programs, check out these stats and start monetizing your content today!
Amazon FBA

If you own an Amazon FBA small business, you’re probably well aware that your customers will be searching for your products in the future. However, you also have to watch the state of the economy in general. In 2021, the economy posted a record number of mergers and acquisitions, indicating that investors were increasingly willing to invest in promising FBA brands. However, investors typically prefer to invest in well-established companies when the economy is doing poorly.

For this reason, it’s important to have the right team for your Amazon FBA business. Make sure you assign key tasks to specialists and delegate some to employees. You can build your own team or outsource the majority of your work to a professional agency. Either way, working with the right people is a powerful step towards success. Listed below are some of the top FBA Small Business Search Trends You Should Watch