Small Fun Activities For Employees

Incorporating small fun activities into your staff meeting can help you create a stronger team. Scavenger hunts, Board games, and Goodie bag skits are some fun options. These games will engage your employees and improve communication. They will also appreciate the chance to work together. Here are some more ideas to incorporate into your employee meetings. Read on to learn more about how these games can help improve communication within your team.

Team building activities

Companies can hold small fun activities to help their employees bond with each other and boost morale. A University of Warwick study found that employees who participated in team-building activities were 12 percent more productive than those who were not. While these activities can be fun, they are also time-consuming and require office supplies. Using these activities can help your employees develop teamwork skills and resolve workplace issues. Here are some ideas for small fun activities for employees.

Group exercises. Organize a team-building activity that involves splitting up the employees into teams. Set tasks for each team and reward the first team to complete them. You can even add riddles, twists, and clues to make it more interesting. These activities are a great way to improve teamwork and develop communication skills. Try organizing a Scavenger Hunt to boost creativity and teamwork. Or plan a group exercise to encourage teamwork: Helium Stick or Magic Cane. These activities are fun and frustrating in equal measure.

Board games

If you have employees that work in the same department, using board games as small fun activities for them is a great way to foster teamwork and improve communication. Not only does this increase productivity, but it also encourages a healthy sense of competition and banter among the workers. For example, you could set up a monthly competition where employees have to create the best-looking board game. Employees will enjoy the competitive spirit and the chance to win prizes and other prizes. To get your employees involved, all you need is a game board and a few minutes to organize it.

Scavenger hunts

If you’re looking for an innovative way to introduce new employees to your company, consider a scavenger hunt. Whether you’re trying to christen a new workplace or find a lost department, a scavenger hunt can be a great way to introduce everyone to each other. Employees can also participate in team-building activities like lip-syncing, or they can identify people by answering trivia questions.

In addition to making your employees happy, scavenger hunts can provide an opportunity to inspire your team members to push themselves and work outside of their comfort zones. A well-planned Scavenger Hunt can bring back high-energy employees who might otherwise be lost in the stress of the office. And, because employees spend more time together outside the office, they can develop stronger bonds. And the best part? They’ll be glad they took part!

Goodie bag skits

If you’d like to encourage your employees to break out of their comfort zones and try something new, consider holding goodie bag skits. This entertaining activity improves coordination and planning skills and is perfect for larger groups. Organize the skit by assigning teams of four to eight people and allowing them five minutes to prepare a skit. If the skit is successful, you can reward the winning group with a casual dress day or lunch for all participants.

You can also host a game that requires teams to work together to create a carrier to carry raw eggs. For this activity, you can have teams create a carrier using straws, balloons, rubber bands, newspapers, and other common items. The first team to collect all of the items wins! Make sure to include the names of famous couples to encourage innovation and teamwork. Then, after completing the activity, have your teams share their memories and share how important each couple was to them.

Escape room

If you’re looking for a fun activity that will challenge your employees, consider running an escape room for them. This is an interactive game where players must work together to solve cryptic puzzles. The goal is to work together as a team to escape the room, but it’s also important to remember that not everyone on the team will know the same clues. As a team, they’ll be encouraged to share their knowledge and insights with each other. The skills learned during the escape room will be easily transferable to the workplace.

An escape room can motivate employees by setting a goal for each team member to achieve. They can be tasked with finding an ancient elixir of life, sacrificing a teammate, or simply escaping the room. Team members have 60 minutes to complete the goal. The clear objective, combined with the limited time, will make them focus on the task at hand. The pressure of the situation will motivate them to work as a team and support each other.