Top 5 Indoor Team Building Games

If your workplace doesn’t have a sports team, try playing one of these indoor team-building games. These games are perfect for boosting the morale of your employees and fostering good teamwork. Try Ice hockey, Scavenger hunts, Active Listening, Pictionary, and more! There are a ton of options out there, but these are just a few. So, what are your favorites? Listed below are some of our favorites!


One of the most popular indoor team-building games is “Pictionary.” Like charades, teams have 60 seconds to guess a picture of the word assigned to them. Depending on how many players you have, you can use a whiteboard, a large sheet of paper, or a digital whiteboard. Players can draw prompts on their backs. Afterward, they must try to guess which other team members’ picture is correct.

A classic memory wall game helps create team bonds and encourages problem-solving skills. It involves asking participants to recall a positive memory of the team. Participants must be able to identify their teammate’s memory if they want to win the game. This game can be played with up to 50 participants and is sure to be a hit with the entire group. Another activity is the “escape quest,” a live-action game that requires the team to solve puzzles and figure out the mystery behind a treasure map.

Scavenger hunt

If you’re looking for a fun way to encourage collaboration, a scavenger hunt can be the perfect activity. These games are fun and offer benefits beyond the event itself. Here are some ideas to get you started. Creating a scavenger hunt requires you to create a list of bucket list items and then have your employees contribute them to your group. Afterward, the team members must come together and solve each clue to complete their list.

Another great use for a scavenger hunt is as an onboarding game. If you have new team members, your onboarding process can be crucial. The first few weeks are often the most important for new team members, so why not make the process fun and insightful? To create a fun game, ask team members to search for items related to their future colleagues. If possible, create a presentation for each of these items. Organize the activity around beautiful office decorations.

Active Listening

One of the best ways to introduce Active Listening to your team is to play an activity that requires both active listening and communication. This activity is a great way to build trust and understanding among your team members. You can use a whiteboard or pen and paper to facilitate the activity. One person will be the speaker and the other the listener. The speaker will describe a geometric image on one of the prepared cards without giving away the details. The listener must then try to draw the same image using clues from the speaker’s description.

The importance of active listening is well-known in teamwork. It involves stopping to respond and becoming part of the growing team. Listening is a great way to gain understanding and incorporate that information into your response and action. You can also use this strategy to understand the needs of your team members and employees. Active listening is an effective team-building exercise, as it requires all team members to work together to create a single image.


Whether your office is in need of some creative stimulation or is looking for a fun team-building activity, Pictionary indoor team-building games can help your organization achieve both. Players will be split into pairs and will take turns drawing an object inspired by a prompt. If they guess correctly, they will earn points and move on to the next round. This interactive game is also suitable for smaller groups. You can get the whole team involved by making the prompts yourself or choosing from the online community.

This simple drawing game is great for team bonding, but you must be careful not to give out too many hints. To prevent confusion, you must be precise and avoid drawing anything that may be misinterpreted as offensive. Besides being hilarious, this team-building activity is also great for mid-week activities. If you’re a team-building activity, make sure that you have enough time to prepare and conduct the game well.

Room escape

If you’re looking for a fun and memorable team-building activity, then consider booking a game of room escape. These activities are perfect for building trust and communication in teams. You can even organize the game in a unique location to promote cross-departmental cooperation and respect. In addition, they promote communication skills, problem-solving, and individual development. In the Mobile Room Escape, participants must communicate with story characters to get out of the room in one piece or work together to beat the clock. This team-building game is also a great way to foster respect for the team members, as they must work together to solve puzzles and find a solution before time runs out.

The best way to make the most of an escape game is to have everyone fully engaged. If one person gets stuck, the entire group will have trouble escaping, and you may miss out on other activities in the process. A Game Master can guide the group and keep the game moving smoothly. Room escape team building games indoor